When will I be loved?

Growing up, I was often anxious that I would never find love. I was worried that I might end up old and alone. I had very low self esteem and my confidence was non-existent. 

Still to this day, I sometimes wonder “when will I be loved?”

As silly as it sounds and as cliché as it is, the answer is often simple, and overlooked.

And it is this: you need to learn to love yourself first. You will find that until you love yourself, you may unintentionally push others away. You may not accept that you are loved, whether you do that conciously or unconsciously. 

Until you learn to love yourself.

Love comes from within. 

There are ways you can train your brain, and one of those is reciting. Yes, as silly as it sounds, if you stand in front of a mirror each day, and tell yourself “I love me“, you can train yourself to believe this. 

Once you love yourself, you will find it much easier to find love from someone else. 

And I truly, truly believe it is that simple.

I got this blogging prompt from https://dailypost.wordpress.com/
Give this a go. Train your brain to love yourself. And have fun with it! 


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