It’s 2016 and there are sooooo many makeup trends out there now that weren’t about even five years ago.

When I was just starting out wearing makeup when I was around thirteen, I wore mascara, BB cream, eyeliner, and lipgloss.

As I grew I learned about bronzer, and eyeshadow.Now there are so many things you can do with your makeup it’s unreal.

Here’s a list of makeup trends I love!

  • Cut crease – my goodness this is a gorgeous look when done right!
  • Foundation – making my face all the same shade is essential (covering up my redness!)
  • Baking – I do this every time I wear face makeup.
  • Contour – hello cheekbones!
  • Highlight – first it was all about matte, now it’s all about highlight😍
  • Filling in your brows – after years of overplucking at school (that was the trend) I need to fill in my brows, they’re extremely sparse and pale too.
  • Smokey eye – my go to eye makeup look on a night out!
  • Liquid lipstick – especially if it’s matte, my goodness it’s gorgeous!
  • Lip plumpers – I hate my thin little lips, lip plumpers are a godsend, even if they do only last a short time. Pop it on for your night out and keep reapplying, gorgeous plump lips in no time!

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