What’s been going on with me, and why I haven’t posted in ages.

So, as you may be aware, (or may not be, depending on how  closely you follow me) I’ve been MIA since about the third week in November. My last post was 55 things on my makeup wishlist on the 26th November.

There’s a reason for that. If you havent already check out my update post here. πŸ˜€
So. Yes I’ve been ill. It’s nothing serious really. Over the weekend of the 26th November I had an extremely bad headache, I worked Sunday until the end of my shift at 1pm, managed to drive home and was in complete darkness for the rest of the day. It was excruciating.

 I’ve never suffered a headache like this before. Never had a migraine before. I ended up calling  sick Monday and that night (Monday the 28th November) my mum ended up taking me too A&E. I could not stand even the tiniest bif of light, I was sitting at home with an aeroplane mask and the lights off because it was  too bright. 

I was in A&E from 7pm until 1.30am. They took blood tests, and had to check me all over as they suspected meningitis. I had no rashes and my bloods came back clear. 

I was on a paracetamol IV drip, had naproxen and cocodamol within four hours of being there. The room I was in was so hot and I couldn’t control my temperature. 

I was finally told at about 1am that they wanted to keep me in. They said to me that it would be another few hours before an assessor could see me, and I then might be told there is no space. The deal was if I went home I had to come back at 11am that day. So my mum and I reluctantly agreed. We went home and got some much needed sleep. 

The next day I had to go back at 11am, was checked all over again, asked a bunch of questions. Told it was most likely a very bad viral infection and there was nothing to do except painkillers and plenty of fluids.

I did go back to work, stocked up to the hilt on prescription pain meds. Then a week later I got myself an eye test, to check my eyes were okay and that it wasn’t them giving me headaches. I got prescribed driving glasses, but that’s all.

I’ve been working non-stop these past two weeks. Making up for sick leave etc. This evening I finally got to sit down and chill for a bit. I also got to write a bit.
So that’s the latest. I haven’t quite finished the post I started today, it should be up tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest. 

I just wanted to apologise for not posting. Hopefully now I’m a bit better I can get back into routine.
Thanks for all the love and support, it means a lot.πŸ’–


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