Why I love dogs 

Why I love dogs.. this could either be really long or really short. Depending on how I word it. Here goes

Dogs are sooo friendly. Well, most dogs. My old dog was the friendliest little girl, she would lick and kiss anyone that came round. Sit on their lap and cuddle up to them. 

My new dog (my old girl passed) is the same. She gets so freaking happy when we have visitors, she’s straight on their lap giving them a cuddle. 

They do tricks! I mean freaking tricks! You seen the videos of dogs doing tricks on you’ve been framed or YouTube? It’s so cute! My dog doesn’t do tricks but she pees/poops on command, plays fetch, catches her ball and then brings it to us to throw again (inside and outside).

You can run around with them on walks. Okay so not all dogs are trainable to be off the lead, my old dog bless her wasn’t. My parents worked and I was too young to train her. So she couldn’t go off the lead. 

But the dog I’ve got now gets her tennis ball and runs around and we throw it for her over the field and run around with her and she loves it. And then we come home and all fall asleep on the sofa together.

They’re cuddly! As shit. She is on my lap right now as I type this. She’s so warm and fluffy and cuddling up to me is the best. She will rest her head on my chest and whine if I’ve not got my arms wrapped around her in some way.

Both dogs did this by the way. My old girl Fern was cuddly as heck too.

They’re so fluffy! I love fluffy dogs! It’s so nice to get your hands in their fur and just give them a rough and I swear down, both dogs smile at you when you do it.

They love you with all their heart. My dog gets so excited when I come home. I’m sure she smiles. She jumps on my lap and gives me kisses. And curls up on me so I can’t go anywhere for a while.

When I first left for Australia, apparently she sat at the gate on top of our stairs looking at my bedroom door and whined. I felt awful. When I came home after seven months she was so happy to see me! It was so sweet. And I cried and she was crying in their little noise they make and shaking her little bottom cause she does that when she gets excited!

She does this thing with her eyes especially when she’s waiting for the ball to be thrown, she tilts her head down and then looks up at you with her eyes and you can see the whites at the bottom and it makes her look really sad.. ugh she’s just so cute.

Anyway.. these are some of the reasons why I love dogs and I think (unless you’re allergic) everyone should love dogs because how can you not? 


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