Have you heard of a reverse bucket list?

It’s basically the stuff you’ve already done. So I’m going to list mine:)

  • Been to Spain
  • Been to India
  • Been to Tenerife
  • Been to Germany
  • Been to the chocolate factory in cologne.
  • Been to the Christmas markets in cologne.
  • Been to Belgium
  • Been in the trenches in Belgium

(Sorry guys I don’t have any pictures of these previous travels – but I have lots from Australia so enjoy!)

  • Been to Australia 🇦🇺 
  • Snorkelled the Greatd Barrier Reef
  • Swam in the Pacific
  • Skydived over the Great Barrier Reef

  • Celebrated Christmas in July in Australia
  • Been an au pair
  • Sunbathed all day in Sydney
  • Went on a hike in Manly, Sydney 

  • Walked across Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Saw the Sydney Opera house

  • Sunbathed all day in mid winter in Cairns, far North Queensland

  • Went on a road trip 

  • Watched sunrise from a boat

  • Watched sunset from a boat

  • Saw humpback whales 

  • Saw dolphins

  • Saw a baby humpback whale
  • Pet a kangaroo
  • Selfie with a kangaroo

  • Been to a full moon party
  • Drove a 4×4 at rainbow beach

  • Went to a museum in Sydney

  • Went to Jervis bay, Australian Capital Territory.

  • Got blind drunk with people I barely know on Fraser Island 

  • Seen the champagne pools on Fraser Island 
  • Went to Carlo sandblow in rainbow beach, Queensland 

  • Went to Nimbin 

  • Went on a tour around Sydney 

  • Went to sydneys wildlife centre 

  • Went to sea life centre Sydney

  • Went to the top of the Sydney tower eye

  • Got trapped in Vegemite

  • Held a crocodile

  • Had a dragon on my head

  • Made a new friend

  • Went to Mardi gras 
  • Got my face painted like David Bowie (RIP)
  • Visited the Blue Mountains

  • Did the sky point climb in surfers paradise, Queensland

Wow, I didn’t realise just how much I’d done actually.. it’s a lot. Trying to find all of these photos was a chore.

They’re spread out in different places because of space limits on my phone. Some are on Dropbox, some on Facebook and I’m sure I’ve got some more somewhere but not sure where 🤔

So, anywho, this is my reverse bucket list.

It’s all the things I’ve done. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments! or better yet write your own reverse bucket list and send me the link so I can check it out! 

As always, thanks for reading! 😘
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