Going to do a little post now about my tattoos and my piercings. 

If you want tattoo envy head on over to my Pinterest page “~Ink~“.

Lets get started!

My first piercings I got when I was eight. Just one plain stud in each earlobe. 

Then at fifteen I got my helix done in my left ear.

That’s this one.

When I was sixteen I got my second lot of love piercings which you can see in the picture above.

At seventeen I got my tongue done. My parents found out three days later and made me take it out. Boo.

At eighteen I went and got it done again! Legally an adult so they couldn’t make me take it out. I was rebellious back then. 
At 19 I got my tragus on my right ear pierced. I wanted it on my left to be the same side as my helix, but apparently that side was too small. 

Isn’t it cute?!

Then at twenty I got my belly button done. Excuse the ridiculously crappy photo but trying to take a picture of your belly button isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Aaaand sadly that’s all the piercings I have. Though I want more.
Moving on to tattoos then.

I got my first one when I was eighteen, I was a good girl and waited till it was legal.

It’s on the outer side of my left ankle. Pardon my hairy legs, it’s winter and I don’t wear skirts or shorts. 

Then the second tattoo I got was in memory of my nan, who passed a few years ago.

That one is on the inner corner of my right ankle. I want to get those parts of the rose that are not done filled in cause I just don’t think it looks right.. let me know what you think!
My third tattoo I got done in Zante when I went on a girls holiday with a friend. 

My little lizard friend here is on my right hip. My parents have no clue about him.

And my final tattoo is on my shoulder and I can’t get a picture of it so I’m going to show you the one I got from the Internet.

It’s this little guy, and he’s on my right shoulder blade. My parents do know about this one! I got him in Manly, Sydney when I lived there for five months earlier this year.

If you haven’t read about that then take a look here:


And here: 


And that’s all the tattoos I have. Like I said you can check out my ink inspiration on Pinterest ❤️

Okay ya’ll have a great day! 



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