Shows I’ve rewatched completely 

Have you got a show that you just can’t stop watching?

Perhaps it’s just ended and you’re deeply saddened by this. Perhaps there is a hole in your heart where the show once was.

Perhaps it ended long ago and you just can’t let go of it.

Whatever the reason, I want to know, have you got a show that you keep rewatching?

I know I have. A few in fact.
The first one is The Vanpire Diaries. This show has just started it’s eight and final season. I have been watching since it first aired in 2009. I have had calendars, and bed covers/ pillow cases/ diaries of this show. I’m The Vampire Diaries obsessed. Seriously. 

I’ve got it all on DVD apart from season 7 as that’s not long come out on DVD. And obviously season 8 as that’s only just come out on the TV. 

I don’t think there has been an episode where I haven’t cried.

Seriously. Whether it’s because someone died or because I’m relieved that someone didn’t die or whatever else. Every. Single. Episode. I have cried. 

It’s the best show ever though. And when it first aired all the actors and actresses were so young. And now, I feel like I’ve grown up with them. And they are almost finished with this show.

I don’t know what life will be like without my weekly tune in to TVD. I’m literally gutted. 

The cast and writers and producers did a little goodbye video (which you can watch here: ) a couple months ago when they announced season 8 would be the last. And I cried so hard. I bawled my eyes out. I’m glad I waited to watch it till when my parents weren’t here otherwise they would have thought something was seriously wrong.

Which of course in my eyes, there was. But they wouldn’t understand. 

So, now you know why I’ve rewatched this show completely. Not only that, but I rewatch it completely every summer, when they are on hiatus. 

So that come October when a new series comes out my mind will have been refreshed on what’s happened. And I let myself cry all over again. 
Next show! 

True Blood. Ever seen this? No?! Then you should!

It’s another vampire one, this ones got fairies and wolves and a lot more blood and gore than TVD which is awesome!

I love love love vampires. And since I had read the true blood books, I found the show on my TV way back when… I can’t even remember when. But I believe it went on for seven seasons and they were each more magical than the one before.

This show is a lot of sex, drugs and blood and guts so if you don’t like that, this isn’t the show for you. You see full on lady parts in this show so come prepared for that.

Again, I would watch this weekly alongside TVD and then come the summer when it was on hiatus, I would go online or try to find it on box sets on sky and catch up! 

But you again will need tissues as it can get sad at times. 

And at other times this show is damn freaky. Like not even in a nasty ass sex kinda way but just plain ol’ freaky. Like “what the fuck am I watching?” kinda freaky.

Yeah. So go watch it!
The final show I have rewatched is a bit sad really (as in omg you watch that😂) but idc so stfu.

It’s Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

I love that show. If it’s on, it’s going on. It never shows in order and tbh I ain’t sure what’s happen d recently cause I ain’t had a chance to watch due to work.

But damn ya’ll I like watching beef between teen moms and their partners and how they deal with it all.

Then you got one mom who’s become a porn star. Like no.✋🏼 


It’s good so go watch it. Like I do. Over and over.

And over.



10 thoughts on “Shows I’ve rewatched completely 

  1. I loved your post, I just started rewatching vampire diaries and my friend who I blog with just started watching it for the first time and we actually did a post of it on our blog if you want to check it out at

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