My birthday in review!

This year I turned twenty one! 

My birthday is June 22nd and this year it was on a Wednesday. I was in Sydney this year and on my birthday I met up with some lovely lovely girls from facebook. 

They were also au pairs in Sydney like me. I post on an au pair site that it was my birthday a few days beforehand and that I wanted to do something with someone. 

These girls commented on my post and said they’d love to celebrate my birthday with me, and gave me some suggestions on what we could do as I didn’t have a clue!

We ended up going to Manly which is a suburb in eastern Sydney. There is a little walk from Manly beach down to Shelly beach which takes about ten minutes. 

When you get to Shelly beach (the only westerly facing beach on the east coast of Australia 🇦🇺) there are some stairs.

You go up those stairs and there is a hike trail. There are actually multiple hike trails. We did the shortest one which took about four hours (including a stop for lunch). 

This area that you hike through is called North Head I believe. It’s got some absolutely stunning vistas. And if you do the longest hike, the whole trail looks right out onto the Pacific.

Since we did the short one, only a few of our stops looked out onto the ocean. But we also got a look at a very old cemetery from from first word war, which was completely overgrown but you could make out some of the headstones. It was a tiny cemetery too.

We also got to go to “Q Station” which is the old quarantine station where people used to be quarantined when they first arrived in Sydney. It’s a stunning place and supposedly haunted.

There are some amazing views that look out over the city of Sydney too, which is just incredible. 

In conclusion, I don’t think I’ll have a birthday that will live up to this years one ever again! 

If you get the chance to go to Australia/ Sydney and you enjoy walking, then definitely do this hike. 

It’s so so easy to navigate there are signs everywhere. And you can also stop by the hike shop for a map and advice/guidance, which I think is great, and  we did do that because I had never done a hike before and it could be easy to get lost if you don’t know where you’re going.
So go for it! Go and have fun. I managed the hike in sandals, it’s not one that you need serious boots for, but the longer tracks might be! You’ll enjoy this one and there is a little surprise at the top for you too!



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