This is going to probably be based around a couple of different days as I do shift work, so not every day for me is the same.

I’ll start with how my day was today (17th November 2016).

I woke at 5.45am- got dressed, washed my face with micellar wipes and put on my makeup in my room.

Then I went downstairs and got myself some granola for breakfast and a cup of tea. Then I brushed my teeth after I’d eaten that. I use “Beverly Hills Formula with whitening” to keep my teeth white and healthy. 

Then I made sure I’ve got all my things, pen (and spare pen) clock cause I have to log times in and out and medication etc and my phone so I can take a picture of next weeks rota.

I go out to my car and unlock it, put my bag in. I unlock the gates and then I sit in my car for a few minutes while it warms up cause it was fucking freezing in there.

I drive to work. It’s only about a 10 minute drive if that. I worked from 6.45-10.30 this morning. I’m on a zero hour contract so one day I might do a long day and the next I might not work at all.

I work in an extra care setting for people over fifty five who need at least four hours of help a week.

Everyone there rents a flat. It’s their own flat and this place isn’t a care home. Some people just need help with laundry, some just want someone to talk to for fifteen minutes a day. 

Some of them have more complex care needs, like medication/ creams/ assisting with showers or a wash/ doing laundry etc.(Everyone there has capacity to choose and they all have varying levels of independence. Once they get to a stage where we can no longer care for them they move on to a care home.)

So I saw only seven people today, they all had at least half an hour for their call, some had fourty five minutes. This is what makes the day go quite quickly. You don’t realise how long you are in a call sometimes.

When I got home I had a snack- just a chicken sandwich as I was starving. Although I wasn’t there for long it is hard work and makes you hungry. Then my mum got home and we took the dog for a walk in the next village over. They have a large camping close which we let her off the lead on and throw a ball for her.

It started to pour and got really windy and Bella was tired from all the running so we came home after about fifteen minutes.

I put some washing on when I got home (gotta wash that uniform at 70 degrees). Made myself a smoothie and watched TV with my parents for a bit. 

I actually fell asleep because I had a banging headache at about 3pm and woke about 5.30pm.

Had dinner which was tomato and chicken pasta.

And now I’m laying in bed, in my pj’s writing this.
Yesterday (16th November 2016) however was a different matter. I didn’t work yesterday at all. I woke at about 10.30, had breakfast. Watched some TV. 

Made myself a smoothie. Went into town and had a wander about. Then I came home and watched some more TV. 

Had some lunch which was gnocchi with chicken and ham (it was so good!)

I did some writing for my blog and scheduled a few things. (Which i love being able to do!)

Then I chilled with my parents for the evening. My mum did my uniform for me that morning so I didn’t need to worry about that.

And then I went to bed.
Two very different days there, and if I’m doing a longer shift (say 6.30am-2.30pm or 2.30pm-10.00pm then it’s basically the same stuff but in a different order. 

I tend to write for about an hour a day if not more. Watch TV for a while. Talk with my parents about my day. Take the dog for a walk. And mooch about. 

There isn’t much more for me to do where I live as I live in the country side and also I’m trying to save money so I don’t like to spend. 

Well that’s about it. Tell me how your day is in the comments, id love to know how our lives differ:)


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