My wonderful experience: skydiving.

When I was travelling Australia, my last stop was Cairns in far North Queensland. It was hot everyday there even in July which is the middle of winter. It was averaging 27 degrees. And all I slept with at night was a sheet.

About 3 days after arriving in cairns I was booked in for a skydive. It was fanbloodytastic if I do say so.

It was a tandem one, and my instructor was this very excited Spanish or Portuguese man called Charly. He was hilarious and made me feel more at ease as I was pretty nervous.

So I got all suited up and we got in the plane. Charly.  was recording everything on a GoPro attached to his wrist. 

As we were going up in the plane I was really excited. I couldn’t wait. But then when I saw the first person jump out at 14,000 ft in the air I was scared shitless. I was third to go and I just kept chanting in my head that I’d be okay.

Fear, adrenaline, excitedness, nerves, regret. All things that were going through my head.

When I sat on the edge of that plane I was freaking out. I almost shouted to charley that I didn’t want to do it but i knew it was too late and there was no backing out now.

I kept my mouth shut, leaned my head back, and fell out of that plane with Charly strapped to my back. We had these silly little goggles on. And I could feel my face warping during the free fall.

After 60 seconds he deployed the parachute which I think was the worst bit, especially if you’re a big busted girl like me.

My boobs were under my chin, almost suffocating me. My legs felt like they were gonna drop off where the straps were digging in.

Charly loosened the strap under my boobs and my leg straps, which relieved some of the pressure. Then he asked if I wanted to steer!

I eagerly said yes and was steering the parachute. He told me how to pull on one handle and we’d go one way so I did and we went round and round in a circle! 

It was the most fun I’ve ever had, seriously. 

Then it came time to land and I had to lift my legs has high as possible so I didn’t break my legs. This is hard when you’ve got parachute pants on and are all strapped up, but I managed and didnt break my legs.

As soon as we had landed, I turned to Charly and said “I want to go again.”

He laughed at me, and said “it’s so amazing isn’t it.” I don’t think I could do it as a career but damn, if I had the chance, I’d do it all again.

If you get the chance, and you’re an adrenaline junkie like me. Do it.


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