Five Habits Everyone Should Develop

If you’re male, two of these certainly won’t apply to you, but the other three do.

  • Check your breasts. This is crucial. Breasts cancer does not discriminate. You might be 13 and get breast cancer (it’s rare but not impossible), or 53 and get breast cancer. Please please please, check your breasts at least once a month. Get into the habit of doing it. I do mine the first of the month in the shower. It’s not only lumps you need to check for. You need to look at your breast, are they swollen, are there any abnormalities that aren’t normally there? Redness? Sore to touch?  You can google the correct way to do this, there are probably YouTube videos that tell what to do also. It’s imperative you do this girl, it could be the thing that means the difference between surviving and not.

  • This is a gross one, but one that you should keep an eye on nonetheless. Check your tampon/ pad. Obviously towards the end of your period you’re going to have a quick look to see if you’ve finished bleeding. But I also advise just having a look to see if you are passing particularly big clumps of blood, it could mean that there’s a problem in there. 
  • Keep an eye on how much you’re changing your pad/tampon. This is sorta similar, but tampons/ pads should be changed every 3/4 hours, tampons you can sometimes go longer in between changes. If you’re changing more often than that you might be losing quite a lot of blood and this can be dangerous. Consult your doctor if you’re worried.
  • Apply sunscreen. Please. Every day. Even if it’s not sunny. The UVA and UVB rays can still damage your skin even if it’s not sunny. If you want to have as few wrinkles and age spots as possible when you’re older, and limit your chances of developing skin cancer: put the sunscreen on.
  • Check your body. Use a mirror. Use two mirrors. Feel for lumps. Monitor that mole that you’re not quite sure of. If you’re worried about anything, consulst your  doctor. Your doctor would rather you went in 5 times a month for a mole that’s worrying you, to tell you there’s nothing wrong, for you to not check and get skin cancer. You doctor would rather check your breasts more times than needed, if it means that both of you know you haven’t got breast cancer. Trust me on this. 

That’s it. Please do these things ladies. Gentlemen, if you’re reading, three of these apply to you as well. Men get breast cancer too, check for lumps or abnormalities, apply your sunscreen, know your body and talk to someone if you identify any changes from what’s normal.

Thankyou for reading. I hope this helps someone. 

How i find time to blog, and you can too.


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