How i find time to blog, and you can too.

I love WordPress. Not for it’s easy to navigate site or because there is an app for it. I do love it for those things, but what I’m talking about today is scheduling.

If you find you don’t have the time to blog, try and work out, when do I have a spare 30 minutes when I’m not doing anything? Do you sit and watch tv for a couple hours in the evening/ morning? 

Especially if you’re just starting out, you could use this time to write.  I read that most major bloggers spend hours on their posts, sometimes days. As someone who’s just starting out, I typically spend an hour at most on a post. 

For example, this afternoon, it’s Sunday, I’ve been to see my grandparents today, my washing is done, my room is clean. Normally I’d be sitting in the lounge playing games on my phone or scrolling through twitter and facebook. 

Instead, I’m in my room, I’ve written about five posts. And I’ve scheduled them. 

At present I’m scheduling for two to post at day, at 16.00. That’s 14 posts a week. I might not be able to write that much one week, or I might manage to do more. But I’ve posted one today already, I’ve got one that’s just gone up. I’ve got two scheduled for Monday, and I’m about to write another two to go out on Tuesday.

I won’t nessecarily have time to write that much during the week because of work. So I use what free time I have to my advantage. You can do this too!

Take a look at your calendar, or your daily diary. Do you have a spare 30 minutes where all you want to do is sit down? So do it. Sit down, put your feet up. And write a post. If it’s a short one, write two. If it’s a long one, then start on it. You can finish it when you’ve got some more free time. 

I find that writing on my phone is a lot quicker for me because I’m always on it. I’ve just redirected the time that I spend on it, and instead of playing games or spending countless hours watching mindnumbing things on facebook, I write instead.

I also find I write better when I’m warm, comfortable and have fluids with me. I usually make myself a hot drink, get under my covers and write. I’ve been upstairs for about 2 hours now. 

I hope this gives you a bit of insight as to how I have time to post. I know it’s daunting and can be tricky to get into the swing of things, and believe me I’m still trying. 

But you’ll get there! 

I believe in you:) 


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