Thought I’d write a simple list of all the places in the world I want to go. If you want to check these places out in more detail, I have a board on Pinterest called “bucketlist” – . Give me a follow β™₯

I also have a bunch of photos over on my instagram page so check that out:  . Give me a follow β™₯


  1. Australia βˆš
  2. Argentina
  3. The Bahamas
  4. Barbados
  5. Belgium  βˆš
  6. Belize
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Canada
  9. Chile
  10. Costa Rica
  11. Croatia
  12. Cuba
  13. Cyrpus
  14. Denmark
  15. Dominican Republic
  16. Equador
  17. Egypt
  18. Fiji
  19. France  βˆš
  20. Georgia
  21. Germany  βˆš
  22. Greece  √
  23. Grenada
  24. Guatemala
  25. Haiti
  26. Iceland
  27. India βˆš
  28. Ireland
  29. Italy
  30. Jamaica
  31. Jordan
  32. Kenya
  33. North and South Korea
  34. Kuwait
  35. Laos
  36. Libya
  37. Luxembourg
  38. Macedonia
  39. Madagascar
  40. Malaysia
  41. Malta
  42. Mexico
  43. Monaco
  44. Morocco
  45. Myanmar
  46. Nepal
  47. Netherlands
  48. New Zealand
  49. Paraguay
  50. Peru
  51. Philippines  βˆš(sort of, I landed in the airport but didn’t get to go anywhere.)
  52. Poland
  53. Portugal
  54. Puerto Rico
  55. Romania
  56. Saint Lucia
  57. Singapore
  58. South Africa
  59. Spain  βˆš
  60. Sweden
  61. Switzerland
  62. Taiwan
  63. Thailand
  64. Tunisia
  65. Turkey
  66. United States
  67. Vatican City
  68. Venezuela
  69. Vietnam
  70. Yemen
  71. Zambia
  72. Zimbabwe

This list does get added to and changes over time, so as I discover more places I will probably edit this in the future.

As for places within those countries, go ahead and head over to my  Pinterest! β™₯  and also

Instagram! β™₯


16 thoughts on “This is MY bucket list.. what’s yours?

  1. Fantastic list – I highly recommend Grenada, I lived there for three years and miss it terribly. There’s so much to do, from hiking in the rainforests to boating around the island on the clear waters. Carnival in August (Spice Mas) is also not to be missed, a huge festival that the whole island participates in πŸ™‚

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      1. there is enough time but work gets in the way xD of course I have a bucket list but it’s too long looolz I think I’ve seen quite a bit already buy there’s always room for more πŸ™‚


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