A Poem of Seasons

This is probably really shit as I’ve not written a poem since like 7th grade English but yeah..

Reds, oranges, yellows🍁

I love the falling leaves 🍃 

Warm sunshine  ☀️ 

Glowing in the evening🌖

This is autumn 🍂 

Cold nights 🌕

Short days ☀️

Evenings spent by the fire 🔥 

Hot chocolate in mugs ☕️

This is winter ❄️ ☃️

Bright days☀️

Butterflies fluttering 

Lambs baaing🐏

Birds a’singing🐦

This is spring🍃

Long days☀️

Cool nights🌕

Lights out it’s late

 But still light outside

This is summer🌞
Unique, each season is

But beautiful all the same 

None quite like the other

I just don’t like the rain ☔️ 


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