What’s In My… Handbag?

This is my handbag. I got it from Target in Sydney, Australia. I think it was $15.

First up we have my keys. I have a car key, front door key, back door key, back gate key and driveway gate key on here. I also have a scrabble letter for my first initial (J), and a memory stick that’s also a bottle opener and my Holland and Barrett card.

I always carry a bottle of spray with me, never know when I might need to touch up a bit! 

This is my purse. From a small little souvenir shop in Sydney, Australia, it was $10.

Ugh, eczema cream. I suffer from it on my fingers. Gets so bad it bleeds sometimes. This is a steroid cream that’s supposed to help but I don’t think it really does anything. 

Earphones because I’m always listening to music. I love music. These are Apple earbuds/ear pods. They came with my 6s.
I like having clean hands. This goes everywhere with me.

Liquid lipstick! Got this from Primark, Cambridge a few weeks back. Absolutely love it and it’s only £2.

I always carry a pen with me. Never know when I might need to sign something.

An assortment of pain medication, I have a bad knee so always keep pain mess with me in case it hurts me. And this week I’ve had a sore throats so I’ve been carrying strepsils with me.

Vaseline for those chapped winter lips! That matte lipstick won’t look no go good on chapped lips!
Farb gel. Recent purchase from Amazon.co.uk. It’s a red spray basically and with all those clown attacks happening I’d rather be safe than sorry. It stains skin and clothes for up to/over a week. So it’s an identifier if someone has attacked someone basically. And if you get it in their it will probably hurt too. It’s totally legal, as here in the UK it is illegal to carry pepper spray, or any sort of “weapon” to defend yourself. 

So that’s all that’s in my handbag! It’s not all that interesting I know.. but I hope you like this post and perhaps you guys can share in the comments the things you keep in your handbags.


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