Thought I’d do another list post, which is something that got suggested to me, I will probably do favorite songs and favourite books too at some point but for now these are my top 20 favorite films and why. 

  1. Aquamarine – timeless for me, never fails to make me laugh. It certainly cheers me up when I’m down too. 
  2. Bad neighbours – Zac Efron anyone? Phwoar! Plus y’know it’s funny and whatnot.
  3. Bad teacher- a funny film about finding your true self. Always cracks me up and it’s a feel good flick!
  4. Chalet girl – damn cute romance plus it stars Ed Westick so it’s a win win in my book.
  5. Final destination series – I love horrors so what I can I say.
  6. Fools gold – funny plus it stars Matthew Mcconaughey so I love it.
  7.   The haunting in connecticut – I love horrors and this one, no matter how many times I watch it, never fails to make me jump.
  8. Insidious films – these are right up my alley, I love horror and these have me jumping from beginning to end.
  9. Interview with a vampire – Brad Pitt. Nothing else to add to that.
  10. My sisters keeper – so so sad and makes me cry every time I need a big box of tissues for it.
  11. Marley and me – same thing, lots of tissues for so much sadness.
  12. Paranormal activity series – creepy, damn right up my street and I love horror 
  13. P.S I love you – so so cute and it has Gerard Butler (even if it is only short lived) 
  14. Scary movie films – these are funny as fuck
  15. Time travellers wife- I have come to the conclusion I like crying. This is a sad film that requires copious amounts of tissues too.
  16. Twilight films – i know but I’m obsessed with vampires. Even ones that go sparkle in the sun.
  17. Warm bodies – cute and funny and has zombies so it’s all good.
  18. Wild child – a cute teen chick flick about finding yourself
  19. Zombie land- funny & has zombies, what more can I say?
  20. 30 Days Of Night- vampires that are actually scary and have fangs and go bump in the night. This film is pure awesomeness and still makes me jump a bit. 

I had so so many more I wanted to add to this list I probably could have made it a top 50 films but that wouldn’t make them special now would it.

I hope you have seen some of these or are now going to see some of these haha, even if horror isn’t your thing there are a few chick flicks and comedies in there! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I know I enjoyed thinking about it! 


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