What If…

I was googling topics that I could write about and I came across what I thought was a quite interesting topic.

“what if..” topic.

What this particular website said was “use your imagination and write a post about what if you’re going to move to another country or travel the world or win a billion dollars. People love to dream and believe that these things will happen to them.”

Now, I’m guessing that since I’ve had to google ideas for writing about on my blog, I’ve probably got a pretty shitty imagination.

So dear readers, I am asking you for help.

I am going to do this post on my what if, but can I ask you to do the same. Leave me a comment on your “what if”. I’d love to read them!


What If…

What if I was to move to another country? Where would I move? What would be my reasons for moving to this particular place? When would I move? Now? Or in a few years time when I have some savings behind me.

So, believe it or not. I have thought about this.

I think I would move to Canada. My reasons for this are as such:

  1. Canada has some beautiful scenery.
  2. Canada has warm summers.
  3. Cold winters.
  4. They have a highly diverse population.
  5. Strong legal system and lots of respect for the law and law enforcement.
  6. They’ve got a fairly good healthcare system, comparable to that of the NHS here in the UK where I live.
  7. They have first rate uni’s and colleges, so I could rest assured knowing I could send my kids somewhere great.
  8. There is a solid banking system (by that I read that there hasn’t been a bank failure since the early 80’s).

However, there are cons to living in Canada, these may well be pro’s depending on who you are but I’ll list the ones that are con’s for me.

  1. Winters in some cities can dip to -40°, including heavy rain on the west coast in the winter and heavy snow on the east coast – I love snow, but -40°C is a bit extreme.
  2. Poor Intercity transportation. Limitied access highways and rail only cover the very densely populated areas and even thats spotty e.g. Peterborough has a population of 50,000 and is only an hour from Toronto but there is no rail service.

So far, it seems that there are more pro’s than con’s for moving to Canada. Perhaps its something I need to look into. I would definitely have to save up some money first though! 😂 
Thanks so much for reading!



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