We both know you sang that in your head 😉

When I came back from Australia, or even, before I went to Australia.. Yeah lets start there, people asked “what will you do for work?” My answer, “I don’t know.” To this day, I think if I was still there, I wouldn’t know what I wanted to do. I’m home now and I don’t know what I want to do, I’m just kind of taking life as it comes at the moment.

I actually went with an agency who didn’t do a very good job, in my opinion, but  anywhooo they are supposed to find you a job which, granted, they did. However, it was on a horse farm, and after explicitly telling them I had no experience with horses (I rode like 3 times max when I was like seven), they sent me down to Sydney (which was an hour flight away) to a farm in the middle of nowhere to muck out and ride and help with the horses which were worth like $4,000,000 each. So, yeah, I worked for 3 hours, was told I wasn’t qualified enough by the manager, to which I responded that I knew and did tell the company that, and was on the street. Literally, with my bag and my “mate” and a cab on the way to take me to the train station. I hadn’t a clue what to do or where to go and after a phone call with my mother (it was like midnight at home too (sorry mum)) I had a family friend on the phone telling me to get a train to Hornsby and he would pick me up from there and could stay with them until I got back on my feet. I hadn’t even been in the country a week. What a shitter that was. Anyway. The company then found me another job with a family in Sydney but I didn’t get that as they wanted two nannies and my “mate” didn’t want to do nannying, (even though it was mega bucks and with free food and free accommodation).

I then gave up hope on this company, which btw, I had paid £1000 (help with work, bank, visa, flight assistance, tax file number all included in this price), and went on http://www.gumtree.com.au where I found a job with a lovely family of four. I had a phone conversation with the mother, and it was quickly agreed I would start in a couple days time and they would collect me from the hostel I was staying at. I ended up working with them for five and a half months! They became my little Australian family, and I loved them. I celebrated my 21st birthday there and the mother made a gorgeous pavlova with lots of fruit on, it was delicious!

And then after that I went north to follow the sun, (by the time I finished my contract at the end of June it was mid-winter and freezing in Sydney). I spent just 30 days travelling on my own, like actually moving about, but I met some AMAZING people, made SPECTACULAR memories (hello Skydiving over the GBR), and had the time of my life.

Do I miss it? Hell to the YEAH. Would I go back. HELL TO THE YEAH. I can’t work out there again now, but I can get a tourist visa and visit whenever I want for up to three months at a time! Hello holiday! 

~• Ciao •~



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