Getting ready

I was about to embark on the biggest journey of my life, and being totally clueless, I was glad I had my parents to help me through the process.

Visas, insurance and more…

Trying to figure out which visa to get for a working holiday in Australia is quite.. daunting. There’s the 417 the 4 blah blah blah and others. I did a bit of digging and found I needed the 417. So I applied for that, I actually included that I may be working with children in Australia, and it told me I needed a chest X-ray, so I booked that all up which cost me £100 and petrol to get there. Ended up costing about £130 just for an X-ray! (Which btw I didn’t even need). But then once the documents had been sent from the hospital to the government the confirmation of my visa actually came through pdq (that’s pretty damn quick if you don’t know;))

My passport was already in date which made the process quicker, thank god!

Now to look at insurance. Oh good god where do I start… I need insurance to cover me for a whole year and insure and go do a great deal specifically for backpackers, and it was only £55! BARGAIN.

So I booked flights into Brisbane, and got a transfer to Gold Coast which is where I would spend my first 5 days in Australia! Surfers paradise here I come! 

Until next time…✌🏻️


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