What inspired me to travel, people ask.
What inspires anyone to travel?
Why do thousands upon thousands of people fly the nest every year?
The open road. New experiences. New sights. Friends. Fresh air. Why do people flock their homes, in search of something different, something new, refreshing?  My personal favorite answer to these questions; because it’s there.

I mean, I have other reasons, but IT’S THERE. To be seen. be admired. To be touched. By fingers, by hands and hearts. And what am I doing with my life, in my early twenties, bored, working 40+ hours a week, at a job I despise. For what? A house with a white picket fence? A husband who works 9-5? Nah. I can do that later in life. I want to see the world. So my reason for travelling, simply put, is ’cause it’s there. Waiting for me, calling me.

When I was young, my family would often travel. My dad never came, he didn’t have a passport and is too tall for planes. He came to Great Yarmouth once but we had a dog and he didn’t like leaving her at kennels and we couldn’t take her with us.  We would spend a week in Spain, a week in Tenerife, alternative years. Hell, a week down Yarmouth spending warm summer evenings on the pier was a blessing. It allowed me to escape from everyday life. School, homework, staring at the same four walls week in, week out. I didn’t enjoy school, primary or secondary. I was bullied right from the start and only had a select few friends. The day I graduated secondary school was a blessing. I knew that I didn’t have to see people again if I didn’t want to. And I didn’t. I forgot them, I have my few friends that have always stuck by me. And that’s it.

I started college, in a way it was a new start for me. I could forget school, and maybe, just maybe I’d find friends that loved me for me. I did. And three years later I only talk to one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I am GRATEFUL to those who bullied me, to those who belittled me, hurt my feelings, laughed at me and called me names. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. And who I am today is pretty damn SPECTACULAR.

During college I had the wonderful opportunity to go to India for two weeks. It cost me over one thousand pound. But as soon as the first day was over I knew I had to see the world. It struck a cord in me. I was speechless, even though I couldn’t stop talking! I had never felt that way before.

I graduated college, just scraping a pass and started my first dull time job the Monday after. I liked it to begin with but it was pretty crap pay for long hours and you often didn’t get your full lunch break because we were constantly short staffed. A year later I started a new job, it was much better pay but the same hours and the boss didn’t like me too much. Come January of 2016 I had handed in my resignation for a wonderful choice. I was going to travel Australia. To begin with my parents were skeptical, and so I would be if my only daughter, who had never lived on her own, and who’s trademark meal was fried egg on toast, decided she could not only make it in the big bad world, but would do it in Australia. It was scary, I’ll admit. I cried when I left my parents. The only other time I’d been away from them was with college in India, where I had lecturers and friends with me. I was doing this on my OWN.

Keep following for the next chapter in my life.

Peace out.


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