Why do things alone

When I was travelling last year in Australia, (it’s been a year since I’ve been home 😫) I found a way to do things alone. At first, it felt strange and I was conscious that people were always watching me. I suppose that’s normal.

In a place like australia however where it’s so easy for people to get a visa to work out there (temporarily), I suppose the natives are used to it. No one is looking at you. They’re just getting on with their lives.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that sitting down in a restaurant eating dinner by yourself, that probably half of the people in there, are travellers too.

Sitting down to dinner by yourself then, it sounds scary, but it’s actually oddly relaxing. It’s nice to enjoy some alone time. Sure there’s the chance that someone has noticed you’re on your own. And I’ve had people ask me “are you not lonely?” The answer simply is “no”.

I like eating by myself. And it’s a habit that I developed while travelling, that I have bought home with me. I’m now no longer afraid to go into town and grab lunch on a beautiful day- by myself. It’s…exhilarating.

Not only that, but doing things by yourself, I think, improves your self confidence.

It improves your ability to make decisions because you can’t necessarily ask anyone for advice on which dress to buy or which lunch to have the chicken or the duck.

So go.

Go out there on your own and do things.

Go buy lunch.

Go to the beach.

Go shopping.

Do it alone.

And enjoy the peace and tranquility of some alone time. After all, it’s rare to get because we live in such a populated world.

I’m out. ✌🏼